Inspiring Teachers Awards: I used to be afraid of going to school but Cikgu Faiz makes lessons fun

Starting school can be an intimidating journey for most seven-year-olds so at this age, it is so important to have warm and supportive teachers to give them encouragement.

Faris, who is in Primary 3 at Jiemin Primary School, was scared of attending school at first but is happy that his Cikgu Faiz has made it a more enjoyable experience.

Here is Faris's entry for the Samsung-Stomp Inspiring Teachers Awards:

"When I was in Primary 1, I was afraid of going to school because I was asked to sit outside the office whenever my teachers suspected I had Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD).

"I missed lessons and I could not cope with my school work. 

"Most of my teachers now are very nice to me and Cikgu Faiz is the best.

A drawing of Cigku Faiz by Faris.

"I do not know Malay but he is always patient with me.

"I try not to make many mistakes in my work because I have to do corrections and my green pencil gets shorter very quickly.

"Cikgu Faiz also likes to joke with the class and make lesson so fun. I like going to school now.

"I hope Cikgu Faiz wins the new Samsung S9+ from Stomp. It has many new features and big memory space for Cikgu Faiz to take photos with his wife and download many games. If not, I hope Cikgu Faiz wins Samsung gear sport or voucher to have a meal with his family.

"Even if he does not win anything, my parents said when I grow up and earn a lot of money, I can buy one Samsung phone for him."

The contest is now closed and winners will be contacted shortly.

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