Inspiring Teachers Awards: Even after going to poly after ITE, Mr Leow still helps me with my studies

There are some teachers who continue to help you learn and grow even after you graduate.

For Pamela, her ITE lecturer Mr Leow is still always available for her to approach when she needs help with her studies even now that she is in poly.

Here is Pamela's entry for the Samsung-Stomp Inspiring Teachers Awards:

"Mr Leow is in his early 40s. He is not married, and he lives with his mother. He is unlike another teacher’s I have had.

"Yes, all my teachers are amazing in their own ways and I am thankful and grateful to every one of them. But Mr Leow is extraordinary. I don’t know how I will ever repay him.

"I was a student taught by Mr Leow for two years.

"After I got my O level results, I was devastated that I could not enter poly with my results.

"Even the ones I could enter, I had no interest in them. So, I decided to take Higher Nitec in Biotechnology in ITE.

"At this point in time, I had already given up on my dreams and just went to school for the sake of it.

"I did not put in extra effort for my studies nor exams. One reason was that ITE was not excepted as a decent school in the society. I too believed this was the end. That is where Mr Leow came in.

"He noticed I had very poor attendance and I did not put in the effort for my studies.

"Usually, I do not listen to my teachers because I am stubborn. But I saw something special in Mr Leow.

"He was genuine and stepped out of his comfort zone and prepared classes to explain in detail to the slow learners. He never once looked down on us, in fact, he sends us motivational quotes every morning. He checks on us when we do not come to school, is with us during an exam and guides us through life, more than what any school can offer.

"At one point, Mr Leow's grandmother had passed on, whom he loved so dearly.

"Yet, he did not pull his grief to work. He sat through the entire class trying to cheer us up. Not everyone knew about this, only a handful of students noticed the sadness in him. Despite that, Mr Leow has been consistently putting us first. He made sure every one of us graduated.

"He did not stop there. Remember I said this was the end of me? Well, Mr.Leow didn’t think so.

"He pushed my GPA higher and even wrote a recommendation letter to people who needed testimony for me to get into poly.

"Fortunately, for me, I got into poly and am now completing the last semester of my final year.

"But, the thing is, Mr Leow is always there for us. Like, when I had projects or subjects that I did not understand in my poly modules, I went to Mr Leow.

"Yes, I had facilitators to help me, but no one could me understand better than Mr Leow.

"Till today, he is still helping us and checking up on us. He does not need to, his responsibilities ended when we graduated but he thinks otherwise.

"Currently, Mr Leow is going through some personal problems.

"Thus, I am writing in, hoping this will cheer him up because, in the end, he has devoted his whole life to his career.

"Mr Leow is not only a teacher but, he is like a father figure to all of us.

"He has impacted so many lives and is still doing that wholeheartedly.

"He is also an amazing son who still takes care of his mother like a precious gem and an amazing individual.

"Mr Leow has always been a good role model for us.

He does not drink, smoke, swear, club nothing. He is a moral citizen.

Moreover, he is dedicated to our country and takes pride in serving our nation.

"He has humbly been teaching and inspiring us till today.

"We love you Mr. Leow and wish you nothing but the best."