'Inspiring' burglar gains fame after notebook with stealing tips and pep talks gets uncovered

A Chinese burglar became famous after a notebook containing tips to steal was uncovered and posted online. 

The burglar was arrested in late December 2016, and upon his arrest, officers found out that he kept a motivational notebook full of detailed tips, as well as reminders to improve his ‘tactics’, reports World of Buzz and South China Morning Post.

Such reminders include:

“Do keep in mind -- only take cash, gold vessels, alcohol and cigarettes”, and “distinguish real cigarettes and alcohol from fakes, find another ID card”. 

No perfect crime is complete without the perfect getaway, and the burglar also added tips on how to make the grand escape. 

He wrote:

“Take different escape routes based on the value of goods. Keep in mind to run first if the value is high. Escape quickly, hide, take cover and run far away.”

If that was not epic enough, the self-styled master even included little pep talks in his notes, saying that he would not allow himself to get ‘sluggish’ while he’s stealing, or “conform, and take the easy way out, disliking work.”

Each time after completing a job, he wrote down his reflections and evaluations to keep himself motivated. 

The hilarious entries amused many netizens and some have even expressed admiration at his dedication, despite him having gone down the wrong path in life. 

One netizen crowned him ‘The most inspirational thief in history’ while another said ‘this thief worked very hard for this job summary’.