Indonesian woman complains about losing respect for pregnant women after giving up seat on train -- so netizens teach her some

Facebook user Safira Nabila Cahyaningtyas, recently got criticised by many netizens after she put up a post ranting against giving up her seat to a pregnant woman on Jakarta’s KRL Commuterline trains. 

Her obnoxious rant started with Safira explaining that she was one of the first commuters on the morning train from Bogor to Tanah Abang, managing to get a seat, reports World of Buzz

She then fell asleep during the journey but was awoken by a security guard who requested her to give up her seat to a pregnant passenger.

Although she compiled, Safira clearly wasn’t happy about the ‘unfair’ situation. 

She complained that she got dizzy from standing and that ‘she wanted to cry’. 

Safira then came to her epic conclusion: She had lost respect for all pregnant women who take priority seats and even said that they should not be given the priority seating.

She wrote:

“I would rather give up my seat for the elderly and disabled instead."

She went on to complain about the pregnant woman who took her seat apparently playing with her phone instead of sleeping having been given the opportunity.

Unsurprisingly, her post earned the rightful scorn of many netizens, many of them telling her off for her selfish attitude and that she was the ‘embodiment of every thing bad about the KRL Commuter passengers'.

Since the backlash, Safira has deleted her Facebook account and gone off the grid, not before issuing an apology for her previous statement.