Indonesian man friendzoned by girl for 10 years -- then watches her marry someone else

An Indonesian man recently became the talk of the town after photos taken with a girl whom he had feelings for were shared by an Instagram user.

Instagram user deddy_setiawan24 recently shared the photos which spanned a decade.

Apparently, the couple had befriended each other while they were schooling, reports World of Buzz

Over the years, they grew up but never apart. 

A photo taken in 2018, however, showed the girl getting married to another man, while her longtime friend attended her wedding by her side. 

Captions which were supposedly written by the heartbroken ‘best friend’ read: "Why did she go? I always prayed to God to give her the best in life, but it turns out I’m not the one for her."

The victim of friendzone added: "Tell your kids next time there used to be a stupid guy who would do anything just to see you smile.

"Have confidence that after the rain comes a rainbow."

Many netizens who saw the photos said they could relate to the man’s circumstances and hoped that he stayed strong.

Others told him that she was not the one meant for him and someday, he would find someone.