Indonesian man accuses wife of cheating, chops off her foot -- right in front of children

An Indonesian man, suspecting his wife of cheating on him, chopped off her foot with a machete— right in front of their two young children. 

The harrowing incident happened in Badung, Indonesia, on Tuesday (Sept 5) when the enraged man, Kadek Adi Waisaka Putra, threatened his wife, Putu Careen, with the weapon and accused her of having an affair.  

Moments later, he started hacking at her legs, severing her left foot, reports World of Buzz

After the assault, he instantly regretted his actions and quickly drove her to a nearby clinic for treatment.

Due to the sheer brutality of the attack, the woman’s left leg had to be amputated, while her right leg was almost broken off, almost tearing apart at the shin. 

Kadek was arrested not long after bringing his wife to the clinic and could face 10 years’ jail for the assault.

A legal aid advisor told Tribune Bali:

“Because this happened in Badung, TP2PA (police’s women and children’s protection unit) will plan to help psychiatric and psychological issues moving forward.”

In light of the gruesome event, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched on Thursday (Sept 7) to raise money for Putu. 

The administrator of the page, Rohan Leonardo, said that he was extremely shocked after finding out what had happened to Putu, his friend, and housekeeper.

Wrote Rohan:

“Not only is this one of the most vile and vindictive acts of violence I’ve ever witnessed, the worst part is that in Indonesia, there is no welfare or government assistance for medical treatment of this kind.”

“This incident has left Putu without the ability to work to support her two children, pay for immediate medical treatment, prosthetic legs or obtain any kind of rehabilitation. 

“All proceeds will be used for Putus expenses and all remaining money will be given directly to Putu to provide for herself and her children.

“If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Putu, you would know that she is honestly one of the most genuinely kind and caring people you could ever meet. 

“I struggle to see how anybody could do such a thing to such a lovely human being.” 

So far, the campaign has raised about US$34,725 (S$46,587) of the US$100,000 (S$134,160) goal set.