Indonesian bomoh nabbed for allegedly raping woman during 'treatment'

An Indonesian Bomoh was arrested in Sibu, Malaysia, for allegedly raping a woman in the morning of Aug 22.

According to The Star, the 29-year-old suspect had received a call for help from the victim's mother and headed down to their home.

The mother had previously sought his services for body aches, and had intended to engage him to treat her daughter who was experiencing stomach pain.

A police spokesman said that during 'treatment', the suspect massaged the girl's stomach before inserting his finger into her private parts. He later informed the victim's mother that the girl was no longer a virgin.

Thereafter, he instructed the victim to take a bath in the toilet.

She declined initially, but agreed in the end as she was afraid her mother would be angry.

It was there that she was allegedly raped by the bomoh.

The girl was later sent to hospital, and was urged by medical staff to make a police report.

The 29-year-old suspect was then nabbed in Tatau, Sarawak, where he was selling vegetables.