Indian family enjoys annual CNY reunion dinner and lohei

Submitted by Stomper Hema

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Reading books and taking classes are not the only ways to learn about other cultures and traditions.

For Stomper Hema and her family, it's also about experiencing and taking part in said traditions.

Hema shared photos and a video of her family having yusheng at home during the festive season recently.

The Stomper said: "On the eve of every Lunar New Year, my parents will come over for our usual reunion dinner (though we went to a restaurant this year). Afterwards, we will have our lohei.

"It has been a practice all this while as I want my two older children, who are actually taking Mandarin in school as their second language, to learn about different cultures and traditions.

"You do not just learn the subject, you learn the culture and get involved too.

"Hopefully next year we can invite our neighbours over to lohei with us without all the restrictions."

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