Indian family celebrates Chinese New Year by putting up decorations at Punggol condo

Submitted by Stomper Mahendra

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The kampung spirit is very much alive at Flo Residence in Punggol.

Stomper Mahendra shared how he and his family are ringing in the upcoming Chinese New Year by putting up decorations at 11 Punggol Field Walk.

Photos taken by Mahendra show ornaments, couplets and more adorning his doorstep and the lift lobby.

He told Stomp: "Not only the Chinese celebrate the Lunar New Year but we Indians do it too.

"This is our first time putting up decorations but we plan to do it every year from now on."

Asked what inspired his family to do so, Mahendra told Stomp: "As Singapore is a multicultural society, we have gotten to know and learn about different cultures."

As for the family's plans over the upcoming festive period?

Mahendra shared: "We will visit our colleagues, friends and neighbours to wish them a happy new year."

View more photos of the decorations in the gallery.