Inconsiderate Jurong West resident dumps rubbish at lift lobby under town council's notice on littering

Submitted by Stomper Casey

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Stomper Casey is frustrated with a neighbour who frequently dumps rubbish at the lift lobby on the eighth floor of Block 409 Jurong West Street 42 on Sunday (Aug 12).

The Stomper noted that the rubbish had been discarded at a wall where a notice had been put up by the Jurong-Clementi Town Council advising residents to throw their rubbish into litter bins.

The notice stated that the town council has received frequent complaints of littering in that area which has caused "inconvenience" to other residents.

"Despite the notice placed by the town council, a certain resident continues to blatantly place their rubbish on the eighth-floor lift lobby," said Casey.

"This culprit should be apprehended and fined for littering and if he continues with his irresponsible anti-social behaviour, they should be evicted!"