What are these construction staff draining into canal at Bukit Panjang?

Submitted by Stomper Chee Yiew

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Stomper Chee Yiew witnessed construction workers pouring a huge amount of thick, white liquid into a canal yesterday (Jan 25) at around 5.20pm near Block 185 Jelebu road near Bukit Panjang MRT station.

According to Stomper Chee, it is quite fishy and the liquid might contain a chemical which will not be too good for the water.

He said, "I checked the location and found out that the canal might link to Kranji Reservoir but I do not know what they are pouring into the canal.

"I am very curious to know what is the liquid and if it could be harmful.

"The workers might not know its effects as well and might repeat their actions."

Watch the video below.