Video shows 'stunned' pigeons that were allegedly poisoned and left to die on pavement

When pigeons ruffle the feathers of residents in their estates, there are dire consequences.

In a video posted by One FM 91.3 on their Facebook page this morning (Feb 17), two pigeons can be seen ‘stunned’ and left to die on the pavement. One can even be seen twitching on the ground.

According to the post, the contributor saw more than 10 birds in a similar state.  

Officers from the estate’s town council said that the birds had been poisoned in response to residents’ complaints and concerns over their increasing numbers, said the post.

A netizen, who claims to have experience in pest control, said in a comment on the post that it takes less than 30 seconds for the poison to take effect and ‘knock them out’.  

A spokesman for pest firm Pest Solutions told The Straits Times in 2015 that poison bait is traditionally used for heavily infested areas where the fast elimination of birds is required.

There are also other alternatives such as using netting at roof gaps, installing spikes or applying sticky gel on window ledges to prevent the birds from nesting, he added.

According to an advisory from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore, pigeon congregation is a problem because they can damage buildings, attract pests and spread diseases like gastroenteritis.