Tree topples at Yishun Ring Rd, damaging lamp post and causing blackout

Submitted by Stomper Myke

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Stomper Myke got up to close his window when he heard a loud crashing sound at around 4.45am today (Sep 16).

“I exited my home to the corridor and looked down to see that the street lights were all blacked out.

“Some residents at the opposite block came out of their flats too and were looking down.

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“I couldn't see much as it was very dark at that time.

“I left my house at 5.45am for work when I saw the damage that had occurred.”

It was then he noticed that a collapsed tree had caused a lamp post to fall, blocking the entire two-lane road and causing the black out earlier.

“Police were there and controlling the situation . But I didn't have time to stay back to see what had happened.”

According to Myke, no one was injured.