Tourist's aerial timelapse video of Singapore's sky will take your breath away

The grass is always greener on the other side but perhaps, this video will make any local be proud of what we have.

Stomper Dimid was visitting Singapore in Feb 2014 and he came back in December 2016 because the city made a huge impact on him.

He decided to put together a video which showcases Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay basked in beautiful lights from day till night, in both sunshine and rain.

He said, "I was impressed so much of this place, of its accuracy and civility (on his first visit). I also liked the climate, hot with sudden rains and thunderstorms.

"The sky of Singapore made a special big impression on me, it always different and changing very fast, and its beautiful sunsets are always on my mind."

According to the Stomper, he mostly did timelapse and hyper lapses on his Canon 5D Mark3 on his first visit.

He spent about 10 days exploring the city and enjoyed the city once again when he returned last year. 

This time he focused on drone shots, bringing along his DJI Phantom 2pro.

He was here for six days which he spent catching the best weather and light conditions to make some aerial timelapse shots. 

The Stomper wishes to visit the country again.

Watch the breathtaking video below.

Incredible sky of Singapore | aerial timelapse from dimid on Vimeo.