The smell is horrendous! Opera Estate resident can't stand stench from new fish shop

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A Stomper is completely turned off by the awful stench given off from a fish shop that opened in her neighbourhood at the beginning of this year.

She said that Opera Estate has always been a clean and quiet place but ever since this fish shop opened along Figaro Road, "the pong emanating from this shop is horrendous".

She likened it to wet markets of old where the floors are permanently wet and smelly.

She said:

"Today, I saw umpteen boxes at the back of the shop.

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"The boxes have drainage holes and the terrible fishy smell is everywhere.

"I hope rats do not make an appearance next."

She wonders why the fish shop is located at the row of shophouses than at a food market.

She added that there is a small market at Jalan Tua King nearby that does not smell anything like this.

"I wonder how it got a licence to operate in the middle of a housing estate?"

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