Teen on e-bike collides with elderly cyclist in Hougang after beating red light

A 15-year-old teenager on an e-bike beat a red light in Hougang and crashed into an elderly cyclist who was crossing the road. 

The incident happened on Wednesday (Mar 22) at around 9pm, in a cross junction between Hougang Avenue 5 and 7, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao.

When reporters arrived at the site, they were informed that the victim, an elderly cyclist in his sixties had been conveyed to a hospital, while the perpetrator was questioned by police officers on scene.

The teenager told reporters that he was going home alone during the time of accident and was riding an e-bike along Hougang Avenue 7, in the direction of Tampines. 

He had arrived at the cross junction and was ready to go around a private bus on the leftmost lane, and did not expect the elderly cyclist to be crossing the road at the same time. 

It is believed that the teenager could not stop his e-bike in time and resulted in the accident, while the victim was crossing the road on his bicycle upon seeing the lights turn green.

Reporters also observe that the teenager had suffered a bruise on his right foot from the accident.

The teenager told reporters that he felt guilty for causing injury to the cyclist.

He also hoped that the victim would recover soon, and will check if his e-bike had been faulty.

After the incident, the teenager, reportedly in distress, left the scene with a friend. 

The accident had also caused a congestion along the road, and several members of the public helped to direct the traffic. 

A spokesperson for the police confirmed that an elderly cyclist in his sixties was conveyed conscious to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for treatment, and the case is currently under investigation.