Stall owner causes fire at Kopitown in Bukit Timah area due to gas switch being left on

Submitted by Stomper CK

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Stomper CK was at a coffee shop called Kopitown, in 10th e-sixth avenue in Bukit Timah area,  when at 2.20 pm, a fire erupted because a stall owner forgot to switch off the gas while he was having his lunch. 

The stall owners tried to extinguish the fire with water but according to CK, that made the fire made it even bigger. 

The fire also spread further due to the oil near it. 

SCDF has confirmed that they were alerted to the fire on 10e_sixth avenue at 2.20pm.

They despatched one fire engine, one red rhino and one fire bike support.

The fire started due to unattended cooking and the fire was extinguished by members of public before SCDF arrive. 

There are no reported injuries and cause of fire is under investigation