Sec school boys show how much they enjoy their fast food -- by throwing it around

Submitted by Stomper C

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Kids these days.

Stomper C was annoyed when three secondary school students made a din and played with food at a McDonald’s outlet in Khatib yesterday (Mar 29) at around 4.46pm.

She took photos and videos of the incident, then shared them with Stomp.

In the videos, the kids could be seen throwing fries at one other as well as pouring their drinks on the trays.

A boy was also spotted& lying down with his mouth open so that his friends could toss fries in. One fry even landed near C’s foot.

Said C: "They are making a din and playing with food.

"Food is meant to be eaten and not wasted like this.

"They are also disturbing other diners who just want to eat a meal in peace."

C added that the boys were so engrossed in playing that they did not notice her taking photos and videos of them.