Video: Resident shocked to find windows 'darkened' by bee swarm at Choa Chu Kang flat

When the pitter-patter sound of droplets striking her windows persisted after the rain had stopped,  a 46-year-old resident went to investigate, and to her horror found a swarm of bees converging on the window of her flat at Block 812C , Chua Chu Kang Avenue 7. 

The incident happened on Tuesday (Feb 28) at around 5pm, reports Lianhe Wanbao.

When reporters reached the scene, they discovered a beehive, roughly the size of a fist at a water storage unit at the top of the block, with more than a hundred bees swarming the place. 

The resident, a full-time housewife, told reporters that she decided to investigate the ‘weird sounds’, and when she peered from her balcony, discovered that a swarm had gathered outside her flat:

“I was so scared, my whole body went numb.

“I screamed and quickly went to shut the windows tight, before i informed my family members.

“My sister and my mother also stay in units on the same floor, and that the time; both my mother and nephew were at home.

“My nephew even cried seeing the bees.”

She went over to her sister’s home where the three of them holed up.

 After finding the number of bees had decreased, she brought her nephew and mother down to the ground storey as they waited for the pest busters.

Said the frightened woman:

“We didn’t dare to go home until the exterminators finished disposing of the bees.”

Another neighbour in the same block told reporters that the pests busters arrived at around 7pm and left at approximately 9pm. 

Said the concerned resident:

“The pest busters removed the hive on the top level of the block and killed all the bees with pesticide.

“Now there are bees carcasses littered everywhere, but fortunately, no one was hurt.”

Reporters on the scene managed to take a video of the hair-raising situation. 

Watch the video below.