Queue for CNY bak kwa starts early for this chap... at 12.20am

Submitted by Stomper Gosh

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Stomper Gosh had an amusing night when he came across a man sitting outside a bak kwa shop last night (Jan 20) at 12.20am near Pagoda Street.

The Lim Chee Guan shop sure has an adorable fan who was waiting despite the shop stating its business hours were from 9am to 10pm.

The Stomper has also tried Bak Kwa at the shop mentioned above which is located opposite People's Park Complex and liked it very much.

He said, "Usually during the Chinese New Year period, you can see long queues at the shop throughout the day and night.

"I have a feeling this young chap is not buying it for himself but perhaps it is for his boss.

"I hope he gets a well-deserved rest after the long wait."