Mysterious person tosses daily leftovers down Blk 538 in Jurong West, drivers afraid to park vehicles at nearby lots

Someone has been tossing leftovers down Block 538, Jurong West Avenue 1 daily for over three years, dirtying the foot of the block, and also some unfortunate cars parked in lots nearby. 

Neighbours do not know the motive behind the bizarre action, although many suspected that it was to feed the stray pigeons.  

Residents in the blocks nearby would also avoid the three lots directly below Block 538, for fear that the leftovers would dirty their cars, reports Lianhe Wanbao

A 55-year-old resident told reporters that since the culprit started tossing ‘killer litter’ three years ago, he had been complaining to the authorities, but the matter was not resolved:

“The person would only throw leftovers down, be it vermicelli or vegetables. 

“Every morning, there would be splattered food everywhere at the ground level. 

This not only dirties the carpark, but draws pests, and can lead to sanitary issues, he complained.

The infuriated resident confirmed that his car had been hit by the 'food packages' on a several occasions:

“If this was done to feed the pigeons, why did the culprit specially throw the food into the carpark?

“Is he feeding the pigeons or the cars?”

Another resident who declined to be named also claimed to be a victim:

“Everyone who lives here knows about this and we’ll avoid the three lots closest to the block.

“However, the other day, I still found food at the top of my car despite having parked it further away.

“I suspect that the person may be just targeting cars.

“I had to spend a lot of time cleaning up rice grains stuck to the car.”

He also suspected the culprit to be a resident in one of the units within the block.