Man walks around Jubilee Square asking for money because he 'lost his wallet'

Submitted by Stomper Faith

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Stomper Faith was on her way to work when she was a man in his thirties walking around Ang Mo Kio Central asking passers-by for money.

The man had approached Faith for money as well and said he needed money to go home because he lost his wallet.

Faith then asked him if he had reported the matter to the police:

"He told me that he had so I then asked him why he did not ask the police for help.

"He did not respond to that question but told me that he had tried calling all his relatives but they were all working."

The Stomper said that she found his behaviour very suspicious and does not believe that he really lost his wallet.

She said that she wanted to share to inform residents in the area to be aware of the man.

Watch the video below.