'Karung guni' Yishun resident who keeps clothes and bathtub along corridor blocks way of wheelchair users

Submitted by Stomper Mami Pah

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Yishun residents are fed up with their neighbour who has piled the common walkway with clothes racks and even a bathtub. 

A Stomper submitted this on behalf of her aunt, Mami Pah.

She wrote:

"My aunt is super pissed with her karang guni neighbour. Keeping bathtub at the corridor which is blocking her way especially when it comes to pushing her wheelchaired mom."

She mentioned that they have complained to the town council but the items still remain along the corridor. 

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According to the guidelines on the use of common areas in HDB estates, SCDF does not permit the storage of combustible materials along common corridors.

This is because obstruction to common corridors and fire fighting equipment can affect fire fighting efforts and smooth evacuation in a fire emergency, thus endangering lives.

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