Glass table suddenly shatters, scattering fragments everywhere in Punggol condo unit

Submitted by Stomper Sia Meng

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Sia Meng was in his bedroom when he heard a sudden loud sound and discovered that his dining table had shattered into hundreds of pieces last night (Feb 9) at his rented condominium unit in Punggol.

Sia Meng was shocked and after inspecting the damage, realised that the glass had just shattered by itself, nothing had hit it or fell on it.

In photos Sia Meng had shared with Stomp, the glass had shattered everywhere, even in the rocker he usually puts his baby in.

Said the Stomper:

"Everybody was in the bedroom and nobody was outside, so I was shocked when I heard the sound.

"I'm not sure why or how the glass shattered but since this is a rented unit, my landlord was the one who bought the table.

"I'm just fortunate that I was feeling tired that night and retired to my bedroom early with my baby.

"Usually, I do my work at that table and place my baby in the rocker next to it.

"If we had been there when it happened, it would have been quite disastrous.

"It took me close to three hours to clean everything up as I wanted to make sure that the floor and area was safe for my child."