Did you see it? Rare 'paddle pop' rainbow dazzles Singaporeans

Submitted by Stomper Joey, Linda, Eunice, Kely, Xavier, Hock Kwee, Natalie

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Singaporeans were treated to an unusual rainbow in the skies yesterday evening (Feb 20).

Stompers Joey, Linda, Eunice, Kely, Xavier, Hock Kwee and Natalie shared with us photos and videos of the beautiful sight from all across Singapore.

Instead of having the usual arch, the rainbow looked like an “aurora”, said Linda.

Eunice, who spotted it outside her house, said that the rainbow lasted until 5.37pm.

According to The Straits Times, the rainbow might have been a ‘fire rainbow’, which is caused by light passing through cirrus clouds at high altitudes.

It could also be an iridescent cloud, where a rainbow-like effect is created in clouds when light is diffracted after passing through tiny ice crystals or water droplets.