Circuit Road resident left frustrated after lifts at Blk 18C break down

Submitted by Stomper Ben

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Ben is concerned about the condition of the lifts at his block 18C at Circuit Road after frequent breakdowns despite "numerous feedback and maintenance". 

Ben informed Stomp that both of the block's lifts had once again broken down at 8.15pm yesterday (Dec 8). 

Ben has to climb the stairs to his flat on the 16th floor whenever the lifts are out of order and this happens around three times a week. 

He said,

"I moved in two months ago and it happens frequently."

Although there was a people's session held to address the issue, both of the lifts are still always out of order. 

The new Built To Order flat is almost one-year-old and has a total of 19 floors. 

Ben said:

"What is happening to our lifts safety nowadays? Really makes me wonder... 

"Should we start using the stairs?

"How should we go back?"