67-year-old uncle's hand stuck in water pipe for 6 hours after trying to remove blockage in Hougang flat

A 67-year-old man got his hand stuck in a water pipe after attempting to remove some debris, shouting for help for six hours before he was discovered by his neighbours.

The incident happened yesterday (Feb 22) noon, at Block 671 Hougang Avenue 8, in a seventh storey HDB flat, reports Lianhe Wanbao

The sexagenarian had attempted to clear the blockage in the water pipe with his right hand, while his wife was at work.

He did not expect his hand to get stuck, and tried pulling it out despite the pain, but it would not budge.

After half an hour of fruitless effort, he gave up, and tried shouting for help instead, hoping that his neighbours would hear him. 

This went on for about six hours until he finally got the attention of a neighbour at around 7pm, who alerted the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). 

SCDF officers arrived promptly, and proceeded to saw and chisel the pipe to freed the victim.

The operation lasted for about three hours until about 10.40pm, when the victim was finally freed. 

Medical personnel from Tan Tock Seng hospital were also at the scene.

The victim was reportedly discovered by a young woman and her father living in an apartment on the same floor.

 The woman first heard the old man screaming when she was out buying dinner. 

When she heard her neighbour still screaming when she returned, she and her father decided to investigate the matter.

They  learnt about the situation after speaking with the victim through the corridor window of the victim’s flat. 

The SCDF has issued an official statement on the incident, citing that they were alerted at around 7.20pm yesterday. 

SCDF officers used an electric saw and chisel to extricate the victim and he was conveyed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.