Importer fined $800 because milk wasn't declared on Ritter Sport 'Kaffeesplitter' chocolate

An importer was fined $800 by the court on Wednesday (Dec 18) because an allergen, milk, wasn't declared on Ritter Sport 'Kaffeesplitter' label.

Stomp previously reported that the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) had issued a recall of “Ritter Sport KAFFEESPLITTER” chocolate due to the undeclared allergen.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the importer, Associate & United Distributors Pte Ltd, had failed to accurately declare the brand name and product description for 4495kg of the implicated product, as well as for 1417kg of other food products, in the Cargo Clearance Permit (CCP). 

Food products containing allergens, such as milk, must be clearly labelled to safeguard public health. 

Accurate declarations are important for traceability of food sources.

SFA takes a serious view on false and inaccurate declarations in the CCP.

Under the Sale of Food Act (Food Regulations), offenders who fail to declare the necessary brand particulars in the CCP will face a fine of up to $1,000. 

In the case of a subsequent conviction, they will face a fine of up to $2,000.