Illegally parked car blocking way beside Holland Village MRT station has child inside

Submitted by Stomper Aida

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It was parked on double yellow lines.

A woman was pushing a pram through the public carpark beside an entrance to the Holland Village MRT station when she found a red Honda HR-V blocking her way.

The car was not parked in a marked public lot but in front of a lot reserved for SMRT vehicles.

As Stomper Aida went closer, she saw a child in the back seat of the car.

Sharing photos of the incident, the Stomper said it happened on Sunday (Dec 4) at around 6pm.

"The driver had no consideration for others," said Aida. "The car was blocking the way.

"I was pushing my baby pram and the space was really difficult to pass through because the car blocked the way. What's more, a child was inside the car. I don't know where the driver went."

Google Maps show the area without the car illegally parked in the spot.

It is not known how long the car was there.

"They are not supposed to park like this. It is very dangerous, especially with a child inside," said the Stomper.