Ikea recalls Sladda bikes as drive belts are "prone to snap suddenly", promises owners full refund

Ikea has issued a recall for its Sladda bicycle, following the discovery that the drive belts on the bikes are prone to snap suddenly, which may result in cyclists falling down.

In a Facebook statement by the Swedish furniture giant on Thursday (May 24), Ikea Singapore said it had been alerted to the finding by a credible component supplier. 

So far, Ikea has received 11 of reports of drive belts snapping, with two people sustaining minor injuries.

None of these incidents occurred in Singapore, reports The Straits Times

As part of the Ikea’s plan to create sustainable transport solutions, the Sladda bicycle first went on sale in August 2016. 

It was sold in 26 markets and clinched the international Red Dot Award for its design. 

Ikea has advised customers with the Sladda bicycles to stop using them and return them for a full refund. 

The refund can be done at any Ikea store, and proof of purchase will not be required. 

Accessories which owners bought, and are specifically designed to fit the Sladda bicycle will be liable for refunds as well.

The company added: "Ikea apologises for any inconvenience and wants to thank all customers for their understanding."

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