Ikea apologises after installer damages wardrobe and scratches customer's door frame

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Ikea has apologised after a professional installer damaged a customer's newly-bought wardrobe and left scratches on her door frame while assembling the furniture.

Facebook user Apple Tan shared photos of the damage on her page and said that she was "utterly disappointed".

In the photos, a sticker was seen covering a crack that Apple said was made by the installer.

She said that he also left scratches on her door frame without informing her and after the installation was complete, she could not open one of the drawers.

IKEA , you have utterly disappointed me and at this stage, we are beyond talks of fixing or rectifying the situation as...

Posted by Apple Tan on Saturday, December 24, 2022

She wrote: "Being a professional, shouldn’t your installer inform me that it cannot be fixed due to the constraint space that I have?

"I was around the whole time while your installer was doing his 'professional works' and he did not say a single word when he had difficulties installing the wardrobe."

Apple told Stomp that she spent a total of $2520.60 at Ikea for new items, including the wardrobe, for her new home.

She added that she paid 15 per cent of the product amount for assembly fees carried out by the installer team from MGL SCM PTE LTD.

The installation day was scheduled for Dec 21.

She said she called customer service after discovering the damage to her furniture on the same day and was told to wait "three to four days and then a further 24 to 48 hours, and then another 24 hours".

The incident has also affected the moving-in date and schedule she had planned.

"Only today (Dec 28), I received a call that they will send people directly from Ikea to help rectify the damaged wardrobe," she said.

In response to a Stomp query, an Ikea spokesman said: "At IKEA, we work closely with our third-party vendors to provide delivery and assembly services.

"We were since made aware of the customer's experience, and we are sorry to hear about it.

"Our Fulfilment team has reached out to the customer directly and offered a reimbursement for the damages and also made the necessary arrangements with the customer to get the rectification work done within the next few days."