If you've found this baby bangle, I'll even buy it back: It's a gift from Grandma

Submitted by Stomper Hui Wen

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Stomper Hui Wen said that a bangle went missing after it slipped off the hand of her 1-year-old child at Admiralty Link last week.

The Stomper said she noticed that the bangle was missing on Sunday (June 25).

On reviewing her photos of her baby, she realised that the photo taken on Wednesday (June 21) showed that the bangle was still on the toddler's hand.

However, a subsequent photo taken on Friday (June 23) showed that the bangle was no longer on the baby's hand.

As such, Hui Wen thinks that it should have been misplaced on Thursday (June 22) or Friday (June 23).

"I only bring my baby for walks at the nearby park and the area around the block I stay in, which is Block 487 Admiralty Link," said Hui Wen.

She feels that the bangle is likely to have been misplaced in these areas.

"I would really appreciate it if any kind-hearted soul who could have picked it up could return it.

"This is a gift from the baby's grandmother, who has passed away.

"I am even willing to buy it back.

"If the person who picked it up has sold it or pawned it, you can pass me the receipt and I will redeem the bangle."

If you have any information on this bangle, you can email Stomp (stomp@stomp.com.sg) or through WhatsApp (9384 3761).