If Avante or Grasshopper sounds familiar, this story is for you

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Stomper Jumali recently shared a photo of a magnificent mini 4WD Circuit at the foot of a Yishun block on his Facebook page

The track allows players to pit their favourite Mini 4WD - miniature battery-powered plastic model race cars - against one another which was a common sight at many of the void decks back in the 90s.

Wrote Jumali in his post:

“Rare to see this happening under the block!

“Block 283 Yishun!


“Those were the days!  Grasshopper, Avante and many more!”

Jumali, who used to play Tamiya cars in the 2000s, said he had come across the circuit while visiting his in-laws, and it was the first time he had seen it in recent times.

He added:

“I was amazed by what I saw.

“It’s rare to play (Tamiya cars) under a block nowadays.”

Could this be a sight of the Mini 4WD’s resurgence?