'I was shocked': Driver charged $4.60 for 20 minutes of parking in Taman Jurong

Submitted by Stomper Erik

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A driver was shocked that he was charged $4.60 for 20 minutes of parking at a Taman Jurong carpark on Friday morning (Aug 26).

Stomper Erik said that he had parked in the open carpark between the Taman Jurong Food Centre and the former Taman Jurong cinema at Yuan Ching Road.

"I was not familiar with the area," he said. "It was raining that day and I wanted to take a quick break.

"Seeing the open carpark (managed by Wilson Parking), I just turned into it without thinking much. I only saw the words 'NO GRACE PERIOD'.

"I went in at 7.50am and left at 8.10am for a total of 20 minutes. When I exited the carpark, my card was deducted $4.60.

"I was shocked. No need to argue. The operator who set this type of rate is not afraid of everyone knowing."

In response to a Stomp query, Wilson Parking said that the parking rates at the carpark on weekdays are: 

  • $1.60 per hour from 8am to 8.59pm
  • $3 per entry from 9pm to 7.59am

Because the Stomper entered the carpark before 8am, he was charged the per-entry rate of $3. Since he left the carpark after 8am, he was also charged the hourly rate of $1.60.

And that was why he was charged a total of $4.60 for 20 minutes.

If only the Stomper had entered the carpark 10 minutes later, he would have saved $3.