Hunting for limited edition Star Wars Coca-Cola bottles? They are on Carousell at 'sky-high' prices

Submitted by Stomper Thomas

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Looking for the newly-released Star Wars Coca-Cola bottles but not having much luck? You can get them on Carousell -- if you do not mind the inflated prices, that is.

The limited edition collectible features either Rey or Kylo Ren carrying a lightsaber that glows whenever you touch the plastic label on each bottle.

Launched on Dec 6, only 8,000 of these cool bottles are up for grabs and even searching for them is no piece of cake.

To unlock the 45 secret locations where these one-of-a-kind bottles are hidden, fans have to consistently visit Coca-Cola's website and social media pages for clues.

However, if you have no interest in joining the Galactic Hunt or are too lazy to put in the work, there is always Carousell to turn to.

Stomper Thomas alerted Stomp to how the limited edition bottles are being sold at "sky-high prices" on the online marketplace.

He said: "The Star Wars light-up bottles were sold out in stores almost instantly, especially the Kylo Ren version. People are selling them on Carousell at $50 to $80 for one bottle!

"Most expensive Coke ever?"

A search on Carousell shows the Star Wars Coca-Cola bottles being sold for as high as $85.

The more modest listings are priced at $10.

It appears that the Kylo Ren design is indeed the more in-demand of the two (sorry, Rey), with many users hoping to trade for it.

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