Hougang resident concerned to see flames in kitchen of opposite block

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Stomper Anonymous was concerned when she saw flames in one of the units in Block 171 Hougang Avenue 1 at about 11am yesterday (Jun 18).

The Stomper said that the continuous flickering of the flames had caught her eye when she was looking out of her window that was situated across the said unit.

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She said: "I live directly opposite, so I roughly know how the interior of the flat looks. 

"That area looks to be somewhere in between the living room and the kitchen.

"Because I stay a few storeys higher, I cannot really see what was the man doing.

"But he looked like he was burning something because if he was cooking, the flames cannot be so big. He then left while the flames were still there.

"The flames were there for at least 10 minutes, that was how long I stood there to see before leaving."

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