Huge banana tree that 'keeps on growing' is a Christmas miracle in Geylang

Submitted by Stomper Laurence

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Believe it or not, these huge bunches of bananas are completely natural.

Stomper Laurence came across the tree located opposite Geylang Lorong 20, at the corner of the open air food court.

According to Laurence, the fruits of this particular banana tree just keep on growing. 

He also said that the bananas are exceptionally large, so he felt compelled to share the cool sighting with Stomp.

A photo the Stomper sent to Stomp shows how the bananas are not just large and magnificent, but also perfectly shaped.

The tree has even been adorned with Christmas decorations to complement the upcoming holiday season. The decorations are believed to have been placed on the banana tree by the owner of the food court.

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