Hua Yi Secondary School apologises for students smoking, tossing cigarette butts from Jurong West block

Submitted by Stomper Casey

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Hua Yi Secondary School has apologised for the behaviour of two of its students who were caught smoking and tossing cigarette butts from Block 409 Jurong West Street 42 on July 1.

Stomper Casey alerted Stomp to the incident after taking a video of himself reprimanding the students.

"The students were caught smoking at the staircase of the eighth floor of the block," he said.

"They littered the staircase with cigarette butts all over the place and did not put on their face masks.

"When I told them to stop smoking, they picked up the butts and threw them over the parapet down to the lower ground.

"I have written to the school and hopefully, they will remind the students not to smoke and litter cigarette butts all over the staircase."

The principal of Hua Yi Secondary School Ms Sandra Gwee informed Stomp that after investigating the resident's claims, found that two of the three students had been smoking.

In response to the Stomper, the school's discipline master Mr Koh Kah Hock said:

"I sincerely apologise for the behaviour of our students and would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to educate these students with the right values and conduct.

"We have identified the students involved and will continue to work with them.

"They reflected on their actions and realised that what they did was unacceptable.

"They are very apologetic and have committed to act more responsibly in future.

"At the same time, they will also face the consequences according to the school rules, and their parents have been informed.

"We constantly remind all our students to conduct themselves responsibly in public, and this will be communicated again to the whole school.

"We will also continue to patrol the vicinity outside the school to reinforce such expectations."