How to report comments you find objectionable

Being a citizen journalism website that relies on an active community of readers to highlight and debate news and issues that are close to Singaporeans' hearts, we believe in giving netizens a space to share their opinions.

However, we do not condone comments that are offensive and inappropriate.

When readers alert us to such comments, we review them and if necessary, remove them from our website, as well as ban the person who made them.

Should you find objectionable comments, you can flag them by following these steps: 

1. Hover your mouse over the top right-hand corner of the comment. A small, black flag will appear. Click on the flag.

2. Log in with your Facebook, Twitter or email account. 

3. Select why you wish to flag the comment.

4. Block the person who made the comment if you want. This will remove their comments from your feed. After following these steps, we will be alerted to comments that have been flagged, and take action where necessary.