How to get the best Stomp videos on Instagram's all-new IGTV

With Instagram's newly-launched IGTV feature, you can now effortlessly watch the best of Stomp's videos all at one place.

IGTV allows users to watch both short and long-form videos that you are interested in within the Instagram application.

(If you are unsure how to set up your own IGTV channel, follow the steps here:

Here's how you can watch videos on Stomp's IGTV channel:

1. Follow @stompsingapore on Instagram

2. Click on the icon that looks like a television to access the IGTV feature

Here, you can view IGTV videos from all the users you are following.

Swipe left and right to browse different channels or to find Stomp!

3. You can also head to Stomp's Instagram page directly to view all of our IGTV videos

Click on the IGTV icon on our profile.

Swipe left and right to watch different clips!

4.  Want the full story? Click on the attached link.

You will be redirected to the original article on Stomp's website.