How to get all your stolen scooters back? Tech-enable them, like Telepod

The rise of transport-sharing initiatives has brought to light a rather dark side of society -- one where some people would rather steal or damage the things they are supposed to return.

Bike sharing companies such as ofo, oBike and Mobike have been plagued by such cases as some users conveniently try and keep the bicycles for themselves after use.

However, Singaporean start-up Telepod has a solution for such problems.

The company, which launched just last month (June), offers e-scooters through the transport sharing initiative.

Users can rent the scooter, and drop them off at designated drop-off points after use.

However, Stomper Louis alerted Stomp to a Facebook post by Telepod on Sunday (June 9) that some of its scooters were stolen "in the dead of night".

However, since the scooters are "tech-enabled", Telepod managed to track down all them down.

One of the suspects was even apprehended by the Police, said Telepod in the Facebook post.

How to get all your stolen scooters back? Tech-enable them, like Telepod.

Said Telepod in the post:

"We'd like to take this opportunity to highlight to all of our users of suspicious activity relating to our scooters: If you find someone pushing/kick-scooting while they're buzzing, do call us immediately"

Hopefully, other sharing-initiative companies will catch on to such technology.