Driving a Lamborghini doesn't mean you can beat the red light

Submitted by Stomper Elijah

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A Lamborghini was caught on video beating a red light along the Nicoll Highway near Suntec City mall on Wednesday (Sep 5) at about 6.30pm.

Stomper Elijah shared the video with Stomp after receiving it from his friend who had captured the incident on his car's dashboard camera.

In the video, the blue supercar is seen approaching the junction of Nicoll Highway and Raffles Boulevard.

When the lights turn from orange to red, the Lamborghini driver suddenly decides to overtake a car in front from the left and speed through the junction towards Esplanade Drive.

"He was irresponsible and drove in a reckless manner," said Elijah.

"He filtered to the second lane without signalling, failed to slow when the lights were already amber and overtook on the left to speed through the red light.