How sly durian seller makes customer think $28 box of 'Red Prawns' is full

A Stomper made an unusual discovery after purchasing a box of durians from a fruit stall outside Tanjong Pagar Plaza yesterday (Jul 21) at around 8.30pm.

In a telephone interview, the Stomper said he had bought $28 worth of 'Red Prawn' durians and took them home for consumption after seeing them on display in filled open boxes. 

After eating the fruits, he noticed that the durians had been propped up by a piece of Styrofoam at the bottom of the box.

The Stomper believes that the additional piece was cut out from another Styrofoam box.

He cannot recall the name of the store, but said that it was located near an NTUC outlet.

He feels cheated by what happened, but did not go back to the shop to seek an explanation.