How much would you pay for this kway chap meal from coffee shop? Man feels $20 is 'overpriced'

Submitted by Stomper F

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A man who ordered a kway chap meal for multiple people from a coffee shop in Hougang was surprised to be charged $20 for what he felt were small portions of food.

Stomper F said he visited the braised duck stall at KPT coffee shop at Block 401 Hougang Avenue 10 on Tuesday (Oct 13).

His $20 takeaway meal consisted of:

  • 4 packets of kway = $4

  • A combo mix of pork belly, large intestines and small intestines = $12

  • Braised pork ear = $4

F said: "However, the portions for the side dishes are for two pax only.

The portion we chose for the combo mix was $12, but upon opening it up at home, the portion they gave was really little."

F also said it was his first time buying food from the stall, adding: "I think it's overpriced."

What do you think?

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