How did this bus end up on the road divider at Choa Chu Kang Grove?

Submitted by Stomper Botak

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An SMRT bus mounted a road divider at 1 Choa Chu Kang Grove on Friday (Feb 23) at around 6.00am.

Stomper Botak was on board bus service 983 on his way to work, when the bus suddenly stopped.

He overheard the bus captain telling a passenger that there had been an accident in front, and they could not advance. 

Deciding that he could not afford to wait, Botak alighted the bus to walk to another bus stop ahead.

It was when he came across a bus that had mounted the road divider. 

Botak took some photos which he sent to Stomp. 

Said Botak:

“It’s so funny. I kept thinking how come the bus can so ‘tsun tsun’ end up in the middle of the road like that. 

"Did the bus alight the passengers here?

“I don’t think anyone was hurt though. Maybe it was because there were few passengers early in the morning.”

Stomp understands that the bus had skidded, and there were no recorded injuries.

In response to a Stomp query, Ms Margaret Teo, SMRT Vice President for Corporate Communications, said:

"At around 6.00am this morning, our bus captain driving a double decker bus mounted a kerb while attempting to turn the bus around.

"The bus was off service with no passengers on board. The bus was towed away at 7.30am. 

"We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by the incident."

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