House of Seafood sends surprise Mother's Day gift to chefs' wives in Malaysia

One of the unfortunate tolls inflicted by the pandemic is on families separated by borders. Many could not see their loved ones due to Covid-19 travel restrictions in the past two years.

For a chef working at local restaurant chain House of Seafood, 2022 marks the second year in a row where he is unable to celebrate Mother's Day with his family in Malaysia.

To thank his wife for all that she has done and express how much he misses her, he penned a touching love letter to her.

To my dearest wife:

Happy Mother's Day.

This is the second year that I can't go back and celebrate Mother's Day with my kids in person. Because of the epidemic, our family has been separated for a long time, so I can't go back to accompany you and the children, but I am thinking of you every minute.

I read few books and can only rely on one craft to be a cook. I hope to be able to live a comfortable life for you and your children, and have to travel across the ocean to Singapore to seek a living, just to earn more money. Whenever it's a New Year's holiday, I see the whole family of customers eating the dishes I cook for them, and I hope that it's you who eat the dishes I cook.

It is not easy for me to live and work alone here, but you need to take the responsibility of the whole family for me, but I can understand your hard work better. I know it's really hard for you to take care of your children at home and visit your parents, and I can't be there to take care of you. You have worked really hard.

I hope that the children can understand that the father has been working outside for a long time and cannot accompany you. After all, it is to give you a better life, to give the children more opportunities to visit the world, more opportunities to study and have a better future. Don’t be like me The same, can only rely on craftsmanship to make money. I hope that children can appreciate the hardships of our parents and not blame them for not being around for a long time.

Soon, I'll be able to get a few days off and go back to join you. I can't wait for the day to be reunited with you.

Wife, a "thank you" is not enough to express how grateful I am to you and all that you have been doing for the family. This thank you, let me tell you in person when I go back. love you

Love you.

CEO of House of Seafood, Dato Francis Ng, was so moved by the letter that he decided to send a surprise gift to all his chefs' wives who are in Malaysia.

Even the chefs were surprised when their spouses informed them on Thursday (May 5) that they had received their Mother's Day gifts, said a spokesman for House of Seafood.

The spokesman told Stomp: "We have always been perceived as a business full of crazy stunts.

"But there's also another side to our CEO, who is kind and cares for his staff.

"Mother's Day can be spent in a different way at House of Seafood 螃蟹之家. Happy Mother’s Day!"