Hotel staff refuse to help even after Malaysian family's car get hit by tour bus

Facebook user Carren Pillai recently shared about her disappointing experience at a resort in Cameron Highlands, in which staff had chosen not to help after her vehicle was hit by a tour bus during a family vacation on Jun 12.

Carrel further alleged that although she wrote about the problem on the resort’s Facebook page, her comments were deleted, reports World of Buzz.

Hence she decided to take the matter into her own hands, posting it on her own page instead.

Carrel wrote in her post:

"We were left to ourselves to deal with this. 

"The incident was witnessed by the hotel staff, who was apparently loading bags onto the bus. 

"Following this, they actually allowed the bus to leave the hotel, without informing us of the incident.”

When Carren’s family discovered that their vehicle was badly damaged, they approached the staff for help, asking for the tour bus licence plate number. 

However, their nonchalant attitude towards the matter angered Carrel.

According to Carrel, an employee told her that he did not take down the bus’s licence plate number as his job was ‘only to load the bags on the bus’. 

Carren continued:

"Your hotel management showed little interest in helping us. It was clear that your staff was protecting the tour bus and the agent. 

"We had to press for information and all we got was the phone number of the tour guide. The hotel staff did not even share the bus number or tour company details. 

"Apparently, no one at the hotel notes these details. Seems like any bus can come in and go as they please. 

"I do not believe it. This is a clear cover-up and collusion between your staff and the tour company.

“The front desk manager was the least bothered. She overheard us talking with the other front desk staff and ran away to hide inside the office. Never to be seen, till we asked for her to be called out.  Still no help was offered. 

"We were told that the hotel manager, Mr Ming, would call us to follow up, when he is back from his vacation."

Later, the tour guide contacted Carren four hours into the accident, to negotiate a settlement on behalf of the bus driver.

However when Carren pressed for more information, she was told that the information she required were confidential was offered RM400 (S$129) as compensation instead. 

Carren rejected the deal. 

Later when Carren’s insurance agent called the tour guide up, she denied knowing the driver at all. 

Carren elaborated: "Of course, it also goes to show that you really do not care about your customers and are more interested in the lucrative tour group business."

After Carren’s post went viral on Facebook, many users also echoed her view, slamming the resort for its irresponsibility. 

In a later update, Carren said that the hotel manager, Mr Ming, had helped her to track down the tour company responsible.