Hornbills spotted in Boon Keng: 'It felt like being at Jurong Bird Park'

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Jurong Bird Park closed for good on its 52nd birthday in January this year. 

Its 3,500 birds have since been relocated to Bird Paradise, which opened on May 8 in Mandai.

But Jurong Bird Park still holds a special place in many people's hearts.

Stomper KM is probably one of them.

Getting to see some hornbills in the middle of an HDB estate on May 22 transported the Stomper back to one of Singapore's most famous attractions for half a century.

"While exercising in the Boon Keng area around 8.30 am, I spotted a 'family' of four," recounted the Stomper, who shared photos of the avian visitors.

"About an hour later, when I returned, I could still see and hear them. It felt like being at Jurong Bird Park when I zoomed in to video them.

"A few months ago, I had seen a hornbill in this area, but it was alone back then."

While seeing these exotic birds in Boon Keng was free, unlike buying a ticket to see them at Bird Paradise, the Stomper warned: "For those living in this area with pet birds, be cautious about opening your windows too wide as it could lead to unfortunate situations."