Honouring the brave survivors of cancer on World Cancer Day

Last month, Stomp embarked on a campaign to raise awareness of cancer in the run-up to World Cancer Day that falls on Feb 4.

We called for entries to seek stories from survivors who have fought or are fighting cancer. 

With the help of the Singapore Cancer Society, we also spoke to brave individuals who overcame cancer with their resilience and optimism.

On World Cancer Day, we want to pay homage and acknowledge the battles that the survivors have won during their fights with cancer. 

They have shown that cancer is not a death sentence and that even the bleakest of futures can be brightened up with the right attitude and mindset.

Have a look at their inspirational stories in the links below.

The Stomp Team also visited the homes of low-income cancer patients to hand out goodie bags and vouchers supplied by the Singapore Cancer Society to spread festive cheer over during the Lunar New Year period.

Through that eye-opening activity, we got a better understanding about the difficulties that the beneficiaries faced as well as how they were held back in life due to cancer.

Read about our experiences here and see what we did in the video below the cancer survivors' stories. 

Stories submitted by cancer survivors:

1. I was my cancer-stricken sister's caregiver -- then I got diagnosed with cancer myself

2. My Fight With Cancer: "No one can tell me I'm ugly... I know I'm beautiful"

3. Getting cancer was just the beginning of my ordeal: I became partially paralysed and couldn't even speak

4. My Fight With Cancer: Stigma of losing a leg was worse than cancer

5. My Fight With Cancer: Even a sneeze could disrupt my balance after I came out of a coma, but I battled on

6. My Fight with Cancer: Chronic Myeloid Leukemia patient shares his experience on beating disease

7. My fight with cancer: I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer -- when I was 5 months pregnant