Hong Kong youth stabs teen lover in the neck, cuts himself when confronted by authorities

A 15-year-old boy, Lo, is in critical condition after his 18-year-old lover stabbed him in the neck with a 20cm fruit knife yesterday (Mar 16) at around 1am, in the victim's family's village house at Kwan Tei, Hong Kong. 

When the victim’s mother returned home and was unable to open the door, she called the police, reports Apple Daily via Coconuts Bangkok.

The perpetrator reportedly stabbed himself in the neck with the same knife, upon getting confronted by the police who had to knock the door down.

The fight reportedly arose over ‘emotional problems’. 

The perpetrator was arrested and the two rushed to a hospital for treatment.

The victim was also moved to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) when his bleeding would not stop. 

The police has cordoned off Lo’s home, and seized the weapon as evidence. 

The case is currently under investigation.